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July 30th 2007
July 26th 2007
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June 29th 2007
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June 28th 2007
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June 25th 2007
T-1000 Mini Bust!
June 24th 2007
Arnold Making Surprise Trip to Austria? And London?!
June 24th 2007
Muscle & Fitness - Arnold's 60th Birthday Special!

In 2002, Arnold Schwarzenegger entered the political world, proposing Proposition 49 - the after school safety and education act. This would create after school programs for the children of California, keeping them out of any trouble or danger. A massive 750,000 signatures were submitted and in the November ballot the act was passed.

In 2003, Arnold decided to run for Governor of California. With the state of California being in such a mess, it needed someone who could clean it up. Beating off the competition easily, he replaced Gray Davis in October 2003.

Now as Governor of California, Arnold is erasing all problems. He has already repealed the car tax increase and issued an executive order which will suspend all proposed state regulations. He has also announced his 'California recovery plan'. This will create more jobs for the people of California, and control the Government's spending, ensuring that schools and colleges are funded and have no cuts to their programs.

We know that if anyone can do this job properly, it's Arnold. No more fiddling, fumbling and failing in the CA Government. The Terminator is on board and ready to erase anyone who gets in his way. Arnold has been successfull at everything he has done so far - the world's number 1 bodybuilder, top Hollywood actor and now Governor. Arnold fans will follow him wherever he goes, whatever he does - and so shall we.

"I want to be the people’s governor. I will work honestly, without fear or favor, to do what is right for all Californians."   - Arnold Schwarzenegger

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